06 Jul 2023

Dr Virendrasinh Zala

It is really a very happy moment for me to share my thoughts about my JDM Research Organisation Private Limited. Here when somebody writes “MY” means it is near to his heart and it is true for me. The reason behind this is the opportunity and free hand given by Management to design and develop this facility. I joined in June 2015 when there was a dream of management to build the state of the art GLP Toxicology Facility. I was given the responsibility to design it and I proceeded with construction, procurement of Instruments, GLP and other accreditations along with recruitment of staff. I was very privileged to have a lovely enthusiastic staff in Toxicology and maintenance department. Because of their help, I could complete the task given by the management. It was a very big challenge for me but with the continuous encouragement of management I could complete the project. Now I am operating it and making it a great place to work.

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