The main objective is to develop user and environment friendly new generation formulations. Backed by required expertise and infrastructural facilities, the formulation team works on the advancement of pesticide formulation research & development.

Services Offered

  • Development of environment friendly new generation pesticide formulations
  • Development of customised formulations
  • Quality and cost optimisation of formulations
  • Scale-up
  • Process Improvement
  • Trouble shooting
  • Recipe confirmation
  • Sample generation for registration
  • Analytical & characterization

Technologies We Can Develop

  • Suspension concentrates(SC)
  • Water dispersible granules (WDG)
  • Dry flowable(DF)
  • Capsule Suspensions(CS)
  • Wettable Powder (WP)
  • Emulsion concentrate(EC)
  • Soluble Granules (SG)
  • Soluble Powder (SP)
  • Microemulsions (ME, EW)
  • Gels
  • Tablets
  • ZW, ZC, ZE formulations
  • Seed treatment (WS, FS)
  • Suspo emulsion(SE)
  • Oil dispersion(OD)
  • Household formulations
  • Combination formulations(single, two, three way combination)


  • Dyno/Bead mill
  • Jet mill
  • Air classifier mill
  • Fluid bed dryer
  • Fluid bed processor
  • Spray dryer
  • Extruder
  • Dough mixer
  • Granulator
  • Homogenizer
  • Spheronizer
  • High shear mixer
  • Stability chamber
  • Particle size analyzer
  • Viscometer

Technologies pilot plant

  • Carry out scale-up studies
  • Establish process parameter for technology transfer
  • Process validation
  • Process improvement studies
  • Trouble shooting

Agro-sciences & bio-efficacy testing

  • Bio-efficacy trials
  • Phytotoxicity trials
  • Residue analysis
  • Persistence in soil, water and plant
  • Determination of the most efficacious dose of new agro chemicals in Indian agro-climatic conditions
  • Determination of efficacy of bio pesticides (laboratory trials) as per EPA/WHO protocol


Lab-2 Fungicide-Insectide
ACM Mill - Pilot
LAB -1 Herbicide
Mixer and Dough Maker
Air Jet Mill-Pilot
Air Jet Mill - Lab
FBD Pilot
Spray Dryer
Extruder Fungicide-Insecticide
Bead Mill- Herbicide
Bead Mill Fungicide
Exdruder- Herbicide